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We are a national consortium of UK researchers dedicated to improving quality life for older and disabled people.

We specialise in 'Knowledge Transfer' -- that is, making sure that the results of extensive research are translated into real, tangible benefits for older people themselves.

Our staff

Professor Gail Mountain, Director

Gail is Professor of Health Services Research at the University of Sheffield. She directs KT-EQUAL.

Trevor Cox

Professor Trevor Cox, EPSRC Senior Media Fellow

Trevor is Professor of Acoustic Engineering at the University of Salford. He provides support and expertise in media communication across the consortium.

Leela Damodaran

Professor Leela Damodaran

Leela is Professor in the Department of Information Science at Loughborough University and head of the e-Society Research Group. She specialises in older people’s use of ICT.

Rachel McCrindle

Professor Rachel McCrindle

Rachel is Professor of Computer and Human Interaction at the University of Reading. Her main research interests are in health and wellbeing.

Professor John Clarkson

John is Professor of Engineering Design at the University of Cambridge.

Professor Catharine Ward Thompson

Catharine Ward Thompson is Research Professor of Landscape Architecture at the University of Edinburgh and Edinburgh College of Art. Her main research interests are in the built environment.

Professor Christopher Eccleston

Christopher is Professor of Psychology at the University of Bath. His main research interests are in self-management.

Surinder Bangar, Research Co-ordinator

Bangar works with the director to co-ordinate KT-EQUAL's activities. Bangar is based at the University of Sheffield.

Toby Wardman, Communications Officer

Toby coordinates communications activities across the consortium, including publications, media relations, our website and social networking. Toby is based in York.

Our advisors

We have an advisory group which meets several times a year. Their role is to review and steer our activities, and to provide support and expertise from outside the consortium.
Our advisors are:

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